Managed Services

Managed Services is the practice of contracting day-to-day related management responsibility of some/all of the IT Infrastructure as a strategic method for improved effective and efficient operations inclusive of Production Support and life-cycle build/maintenance activities.

Availability Solutions already assist many Australian companies with the day-to-day support of their (mainly) IBM Power Servers (iSeries and/or AIX).

Operating System upgrades and PTFs are second nature to us, as is day-to-day monitoring and management of your server(s)… even through to configuring and providing hardware upgrades… or we can work alongside your current IBM BP…

Increase supplier, employee & customer satisfaction by protecting system availability.
Ensure compliance with data protection and business continuity regulations.

System downtime and data loss pose intolerable risks to every business… as does un-managed servers…

Availability Solutions has some of the most experienced & respected iSeries and pSeries consultants available in the country.

Plus: Availability Solutions also provides the most effective iSeries Data Archiving solution available today.

… to be blunt, there is no more experienced iSeries team in the country than the Availability Solutions team.