Migration Services

Supplying both software and services to fully migrate from just about any to any Server…
Organizations that are more successful at collecting, evaluating and sharing information are better able to deal with the forces of global competition and the ever-increasing need for access to data. Availability Solutions provides effortless replication of data from legacy DB2 databases into Oracle, Informix and SQL databases, or just about any to/from combination used today… in most cases without custom programming or large-scale integration initiatives.


Our major speciality is migrating customers using older IBM AIX technology using “whatever’ brand of disk drives available back then to brand new IBM Power Servers… live and seamless… if the Application being used can’t be run under AIX 7.1 then a 5.2 WPAR hosted under 7.1 is certainly possible.

Pls contact us for your migration project and we will work with you to validate if we are able to assist you.