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Denis Vaughan | Director – Availability Solutions

• Denis has been working in the IT industry since Sept 1973 when the technology of the day comprised of paper tape, typewriter
consoles and magnetic tapes – these were the days when the Australian Bureau of Statistics used Control Data Corporation systems in
a computer room that covered 2 acres!
Since then Denis has worked with Digital Equipment (DEC) VAX, IBM System/3, IBM System/38, AS/400, now through to “i” / IBM Power Server range.
Denis was responsible as TSM at ISA/Masterfoods in Wodonga for 5 x S/38’s & 1 x 4381 Mainframe – a total IBM Midrange experience of over 38 yrs.
• For 15 yrs Denis was more well-known with the former company Mid-Comp International, before forming Availability Solutions.
• Denis has also been actively involved with the IBM User Group community for nearly three decades