Rapid Recovery Solutions

Rapid Recovery Solutions

Rapid Recovery Solutions is our HA/DR (High Availability and/or Disaster Recovery) solutions bundled in a turn-key, fully implemented and fully-tested package that includes training and site-specific documentation…

As opposed to just “supply | implement | soft-test” that a “Product” based solution would provide, RRS is the next level of solution that documents to the Business/Board that the HA/DR solution is fully proven and fully tested, and has been validated by both the Availability Solutions team AND the business.

That is, a full Business Failover and Failback has been completed – often having the business failover to the HA/DR server and running for at least one full day on the HA/DR server and then Failing BACK to the normal Production Server.

A certificate that can be shown to the Company Auditors will be provided (obviously, conditions will apply)

The products we will use to perform the RRS service will be any single or combination of the following solutions.

Rapid Recovery for i

iTera Availability – SMB Replication & Failover
MIMIX Availability – Enterprise Replication & Failover

Rapid Recovery for AIX

Double-Take Availability for AIX- AIX Replication & Failover

Rapid Recovery for Windows

Double-Take Availability
Double-Take RecoverNow

Rapid Recovery for Linux

Double-Take Availability
Double-Take RecoverNow

Any of the above would have 3 levels/offerings/costs

·       FOR = FailOver Ready

·       FOT = FailOver Tested

·       FOC = FailOver Certified